Nitro Swindle Snowboard

MSRP: $380.00

Although security guards, elbows, shins, backs, sacks, necks and knees get worked during urban shred adventures, it’s boards that take the brunt of the abuse. With an average deck, it only takes one mishap to render it unrideable. Whether it’s a cracked core or blown out edge, street rails and ledges have a way of taking out ordinary boards faster than you can say, “Delamination.”

The Swindle however, is no ordinary board. This board’s durability and unrivaled snap comes from its full-length, extra tough Powercore II core… Nitro’s exclusive Reflex profiling underneath the bindings reduces the boards thickness giving torsional flex when it’s needed, something that is often the difference between hammers and staples… in your dome. With super thick Railkiller edges and a gnarly Scratch and Rip base adding another layer to this board’s rugged construction, like the tall boys that fuel your session, the Swindle is made for blunt force trauma.

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