The North Face Spineology Jacket

MSRP: $479.00

The North Face’s Spineology Jacket is probably about as technical a jacket as you can find without signing up for the full mutant skin integration you saw in the classifi ed section of Armageddon Times. It’s funny how science works– often the most technologically advanced specimens such as this, are also the simplest. Amounting to little more than a precision design, 3 Layer Gore Tex and minimal, yet highly effective features such as the breathable collar panel and the snowproof clip/zip jacket to pant interface. This jacket does exactly what is supposed to, no more. Like the future itself and the race of genetically superior mutants that are sure to inhabit it, the Spineology Jacket is simply untouchable. Seriously, mutant skin burns like acid, don’t touch it.

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