NOW IPO Binding

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Whatever happened to those goofy leg sacs that people used to strap to their knees? Or even worse, the binding bag? Ah, the road to innovation is often paved with good intentions. The NOW IPO binding, however, is one that shall not suffer the fate of such trivial pursuits, because these things work! After years of extensive testing, Canadian badass JF Pelchat has unleashed an entirely new way to turn your snowboard based on the proven properties of a skateboard truck. All about energy transfer, the IPO binding is unlike any you have seen before with entirely new technology that takes the pressures associated with binding flex and applies it directly in to the turning of your snowboard. The result is a much more responsive feel with a fraction of the effort. While explaining the “kingpin” and “hanger” components would be an enlightening exercise in physics, it might be equally important to realize that this binding was designed by a true ripper with the likes of DCP, Devun Walsh and Jeremy Jones endorsing this game-changing technology.

Included are interchangeable bushings, which float on all four corners of the binding providing the rider with a choice of three levels of dampening to suit individual conditions and riding style. To be blunt, the IPO has revealed a new way to snowboard.

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  • $289.00

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