POC Fornix Helmet

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The POC Fornix helmet is light weight, well ventilated and safe. POC has created a lightweight helmet with superior structural stability and protection by using the “Aramid Bridge.” The Aramid Bridge is a technology that includes several strips of kevlar that are installed during the manufacturing process to ensure the helmet is as strong as possible. Upon an impact, the Aramid Bridge utilizes the entire integrity of the helmet, even if the impact is in a defined area. This technology gives the helmet strength and superior functionality, all while the skier or rider enjoys a light weight, well ventilated helmet.

The Fornix has six adjustable top vents, two front vents, two rear vents and unique goggle vents to ensure you stay cool while your goggles stay clear of fog. The turn-ring adjustment system ensures the skier or rider will have a comfortable, snug fit.

Technical Features:
Efficient, adjustable ventilation
Aramid bridge reinforcements for structural integrity
Goggle vents reduce steam to your goggles
Goggle clip
Size adjustment system for a comfortable and snug fit

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