Ride Bandita Contraband Women’s Binding

MSRP: $209.95

Ladies, the Bandita is HOT. Not hot like bought out of the back of a van hot, but a hot design for your riding pleasure. Built for freestyle ladies ready to rip, the 2012 Ride Bandita women's snowboard binding features the all new SlingBack highback for premium flex, and the ultra secure V-Grip™ strap. Also kitted with Wedgie 2.5 footbeds and Urethane Rollbar™ to provide an added dose of comfort and boost of ollie pop.


  • LSD
  • ContraBand™ System
  • Women’s Specific Stance Correct Shaping
  • NEW! Slingback Highback
  • Balance Core
  • EasyEntry Ankle Ladder Straps
  • V-Grip™
  • UltraLite
  • Wedgie 2.5
  • Urethane Rollbar™
  • Aluminum Chassis

Sizes: S, M

Colorways: Purple, Black

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