Rome Headline Snowboard

MSRP: $400.00


  • QuickRip Sidecut Technology: Unique sidecut geometry that lets the board ride loose and playful at slow speeds, and powerful and precise at higher speeds
  • BST Torque Stringer Technology: Added ollie pop along with added torsional kick from edge to edge, all with a low environmental impact
  • Glass Impact Plates: 2x more compression resistance under your bindings to combat the abuse of landing on hard objects
  • Impact Core Matrix: A composite core impregnated with 40% wood fibers that flexes smoothly, stands up to abuse, leaves a light impact on the environment
  • StraightTriax45 Laminate: 45-degree off-axis fibers give this laminate a ton of torsional kick for snapping off one edge and into the next
  • SinterTrue Base: Fundamental sintered performance: abrasion resistance with wax absorption equals all the speed you need

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