Rome Wildcat Women’s Snowboard – 2014

MSRP: $369.99
Lengths: 4

A badass board for badass babes, cougars included.

The folks at Rome laid up the Wildcat with tried-and-true wood laid tip-to-tail. Two zones of lightweight wood team up with poplar for smooth, predictable flex and loads of pop. Then they added bamboo rods at the tip and tail to stiffen them up a bit and add even more pop to the mix. Rome’s designers also added fiberglass impact plates under the binding inserts to eliminate compression caused by high-impact landings, and finished off the Wildcat with a durable, easy-to-repair, extruded XTRD base.

Flat camber with concave rocker at tip and tail
Almost twin shape
Fiberglass impact plates
Bambooster bamboo stringers
Pop core matrix
XTRD extruded base

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