Salomon District Binding

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Everyone is tweaking these days. From the new kid looking to show he’s a big boy to the veteran who wants to let everyone know he can still cut it. Tweaking is that special way to stand out from the rest of the junk. For those looking to tweak, huck and jib their way through life, meet the District. It’s a workhorse of a binding with extreme flexibility, agility and extraordinary strength provided by the new Shadow Fit baseplate. By blending a flexible heel loop with an ultra-light composite base it takes off some of that unwanted weight, while the Kevlar QuickWire keeps the District strong and aggressive.

With midrange flex rating, integrated 2.5 degree canting under foot and asymmetrical highbacks, these are made for getting in trouble. Whether you’re taking them through heavy closeout rails or into that hidden bushwhacker jump, the District is made for abuse.

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