Salomon F4.0 Boot

MSRP: $399.95

If Marty McFly were a boarder, this would be the boot he’d wear. Its futuristic design has a ligh tweight low profile inspired by a running shoe. Instead of visible laces on the outside of the boot, the F4.0 has Wrap Lock Technology between the tongue and the shell. The Wrap Lock moves two panels and the tongue inwards to keep your foot in place with one simple upward motion. The boot has a slim profile thanks to the thin yet insulated Exhale Liner and Aero Outsole. Despite their different approaches to snowboarding, Salomon team riders Josh Dirksen and Bode Merrill both ride in this practically weightless, comfy, easy-in boot. Given the range of riding the Salomon team does, you should be confident that this boot will perform in the backcountry, park, pipe or wherever you want to take it.

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  • $399.90

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