Sims X-Wedge Snowboard

MSRP: $599.00

With waves of new technologies pouring into the industry every season, many being gimmicks, some being useful and very few being original — the X-Wedge with E-Board technology is in a league of its own.

Being the first board of its kind, the X-Wedge has an integrated 2.5-degree canting under each foot. The ergonomic design keeps your legs in a more natural state and also helps with chatter — putting leg burn to rest. The slight ramping under foot lends itself to the sensation of standing on the nose and tail of a skateboard, increasing pop and allowing you to hit that big ollie gap you’ve been eyeing. The flat camber with twin micro-camber under the wedges keeps the board lively and responsive, while the super fast 4001-grade base will make it a controllable rocket.

With a true twin shape and mid-range flex, the X-Wedge can take you to the parks or the peaks without he sitation and will be a good quiver killer for rippers of any style. So go ahead, pick up the X-Wedge, put down the Bengay and stop with the excuses — it’s time to get loose.

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