Slash ATV Snowboard – 2014

MSRP: $479.00

Though Gigi Rüf is a master of many domains,can land miracle tricks and go bigger than anyone except maybe that Rice fellow, he chose to call his company Slash, not Triple-Flip-Energy-Amp or some mangled concept that many would assume is the pinnacle of snowboarding. Slash, the one thing in snowboarding everyone can enjoy. So simple and true, it’s almost poetic. (Single tear).

The ATV is a directional board with full camber. This means it rides without any surprises and has the authority to pardon you from trouble, given your intentions are pure. In short, this is a solid board that does what it’s told. This is the kind of ride for those who value full-spectrum shredding, from the park to powder and all points in between. We all know that the best riders in the world prefer camber, so the question is, would you rather Slash or Triple-Dork?

Pretty Much:
All-Mountain, charging with confidence.

Not so Much:
Tech junkies, wheel re-inventors.

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