Smokin’ Awesymmetrical Snowboard – 2014

MSRP: $559.99

One reason to experiment with mind-altering substances such as banana peels or chemical solvents is to expand your consciousness. The many reasons not to are far too trivial to detail, but if you fear cerebral hemorrhaging or are put off
by the possibility of a mild stroke then maybe you just aren’t ready to play with the big kids. Smokin’ Snowboards is all about experimentation.

With an exaggerated sidecut on one side of the board, the Awesymmetrical has a specific heel edge whichever way you ride and is designed to be mounted that way. What this does is engage that heelside turn like never before, providing a cosmic experience normally reserved for test monkeys emerging from a space coma. Sound interesting? If you are looking to further your shredding without the normal hard work and effort associated with progression, a new board beckons. However, the craziest thing about this board is the fact that everything, from the core to the topsheet, is made right here in the USA in their factory (near Tahoe). Is that even possible anymore?

Pretty Much:
Parks, switch, contemplative chair rides.

Not So Much:
Alaska, close-minded individuals.

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