Smokin Best Buds Snowboard

MSRP: $554.99

Snowboarding and weed, they go together like peanut butter and jelly…  mmmmmm peanut butter and jelly, with marshmallows, and doritos, and….. wait what were we talking about? Oh right, this ultra exclusive model will be limited to only 100 boards produced for 2012 so don’t go  blowing all your money on nugs, it’s rarer than Columbian Gold! Based on the Superpark model, it features a true twin shape, Clash Rocker, Magne Traction, and VDFLU. It’s grown from only top shelf ingredients and has always got your back, just like any best bud should.


Getting higher in the park | Blazing trails deep into the backcountry | Pickin' up dimes in the liftline | Pipe dreams | Good vibes | Baked spring days |Feelin Irie | Dope tricks | Ganja butters | Bad puns for days


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