Smokin Kyle Clancy Pro Model Snowboard

MSRP: $499.99

Do you wanna go fast? Lets face it, most boards suck. They have been using the same molds for ten years. Different graphics on the same “custom” board. You can turn the heat off in your house using your cellphone now a days, so it's time to climb out from under that rock and buy a board that flex's AND turns, instead of one or the other. Get a board that can ride the pipe but won't make you want to start WAKERBOARDING every time you try to nose press a ledge.Welcome to the future of freestyle boards:  freestyle means everything, not just park! Remember kids; if you aren’t first, you suck! Kyle’s board is available in 2 graphics this year, Salasnek Tribute or Talladega.


Post modern impressionistic non-capitalistic all arounded-ness


  • Anti Rocker (ATX)
  • True Twin
  • Park Flex
  • R3 Environmentally conscious
  • Skate Kick
  • OneBallJay Factory Wax


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