Smokin Lane Knaack Pro Model

MSRP: $499.99

Anyone who has spent time in Tahoe knows of the infamous debauchery of our neighbors in Reno. The Biggest little city has all the vices of Vegas, with half the class. When Lane is done leaving his mark on snowboarding (whether it be Truckee rail missions, Boreal private parks, or Donner Backcountry) he likes to take a little time out to enjoy the finer things the city has to offer. Bright lights, excitement, and the ladies. Lane's board is a slightly wider platform for extra stability whether you are laying it down smooth, or sending it with the big one. It's got Anti Rocker and Skate Kicks that Lane himself designed for pickin' up that tail all buttery smooth. Lap the park, Lap a staircase, get a lapdance, we aren’t here to judge. Just make sure you are doing it with Lane's pro model as your wingman and it will be all good.


Rail dancing that defies the laws of physics| Getting the local treatment| More Bounce 2 the ounce | Freshly sporked lips | 93/94 | Kleenex | IHEARTPARK| Building your own snowboard.


  • Anti Rocker (ATX)
  • True Twin
  • Park Flex
  • R3 Environmentally conscious
  • Skate Kick
  • OneBallJay Factory Wax


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