Smokin Superpark Ltd Snowboard

MSRP: $499.99

What happens when you take our team’s favorite graphic of the year and put it on their favorite award winning board? A frenzy.  The Superpark limited is stacked with all the same high performance features as the original Superpark, with a little more get loose flair.  Fear landlock no more friends, snatch up one of these radical decks, catch some tube and show Da Hui you’re no Haole. Available in limited quantities so keep your eyes on the horizon or you might miss your set.


Cheese wedges the size of dump trucks | kink counters | high speed rope ollies | chinese downhills…switch | hotlaps | double corks | Old 40 road gaps | sending it deep and stomping anyway | getting radical


  • Clash Rocker (CTX)
  • True Twin
  • Park Flex
  • R3 Environmentally conscious
  • OneBallJay Factory Wax

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