Smokin Thanks! Snowboard

MSRP: $499.99

Thanks is a finely tuned shred animal with an agenda. Clash rocker and a mellower sidecut make it super snappy yet forgiving, while the extended sidecut gives you extra stability for stepping to the main line. The Thanks is all about living for snowboarding, and calling out the BS that’s murking up the industry. Thank you prime time television circus act, thank you off shore snowboard manufacturers with corpo financiers, thank you trend hopping sports beverage, thank you “extreme sports” planning committees. The big guys paved the way with department store snowboard outlets so rad dad’s can return their 8th father’s day putter for their kid’s holiday shred sled. Thanks for your support, if you are  buying this board then you get it. We really do think that you are totally rad.


Styled out methods | The anti contest | Huge frontside airs in the pipe | Laughing at triple corks | Fun laps with the homies | High speed tail wheelies | Tranny searching | Parking lot brews not energy drinks


  • Clash Rocker (CTX)
  • True Twin
  • Park Flex
  • R3 Environmentally conscious
  • Blunt Tips
  • OneBallJay Factory Wax

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