Union Charger Binding

MSRP: $329.00

By definition a charger is a horse trained for battle, which is why the word conjures images of power and performance. The Union Charger is clearly a horse worthy of battle. Carbon injected full carbon highbacks make these the most rigid and responsive binding offered by Union and with the Stage III Atlas Base, they are entering a new realm of weight-to-strength efficiency. Added injected EVA bushings transfer energy from the binding to the edge, where it needs to be.

With heelcups that are CNC milled instead of molded or shaped, the Charger is light, while still maintaining its sheer strength and responsiveness . High-grade materials from the hardware to the buckles ensures these binders are battle ready. Not to mention the lifetime warranty on all Union baseplates, as if challenging you to push these stallions to the brink.

The no-frills, down-to-business aura of the Charger is for riders of the same mind-set. The no-excuses breed that doesn’t stop and refuses to think twice — they are there for battle.

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