Vans Infuse Boot

MSRP: $370.00

You must under stand that “to infuse” is just a polite way of saying “to spike” or “to dose.” That being said, the new Vans Infuse is certainly spiked with performance enhancing properties. Take for instance the Hybrid Boa system. It blends the proven workings of laces with the next level tech of Boa’s lifetime warranty closure system. Focusing on the critical instep area, this adjust-on-the-fly option locks it down. It also eliminates bad trips altogether, while still giving you the security of old school
laces. And yeah, if you wanted to get primitive, one might say the Custom-X heat moldable liners were “constructed” with an adjustable X-Cage ankle overlay that works with your individual ligament and bone structure of the lower foot, but you’d be wrong; they are “infused” with that shit.

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