Vans Infuse Boots – 2014

MSRP: $369.95

ince we gave the Infuse a Platinum Pick award last year we thought about awarding another model, but then we saw this year’s boot. By our calculations it means it went Double Platinum, a feat normally reserved for groundbreaking records like Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The comparisons must stop there however, as mental illness destroyed MJ and Syd, and by all counts the Infuse is as stable as they come. On the outside a Hybrid Boa system that allows precise cinch-ability over the top of your foot, normal laces and a Power Cuff strap create a recipe for custom snuggles unbeknownst in the boot world. While on the inside a Custom-X Thermal liner matched with a V4 Cork Footbed treat your foot to the best in-boot experience you’re likely to feel. The two removable internal tongue stiffeners sound sketchy, but are our favorite feature, allowing for a truly custom medial or lateral support depending on your preference.

Pretty Much
Not thinking about your boots all day trophy lines.

Not So Much
Skiers, complaining about conditions.

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