YES. The Asym Snowboard – 2014

MSRP: $549.00

Here’s something a lot of people might not know: Math sucks. That is why we leave that kind of technical nonsense to gumps and wizard types. So when the guys at YES. decided to ditch The Greats theme and call their asymmetrical, twin tipped board The Asym, their drinking habits and/or ethics were called into question.

Hypothetical conversation:
ND: Are you guys like smart or something?
YES.: No, you are just an idiot.

ND: Well my mom says I’m “special”. Why would you make a board with a deeper sidecut on the heel edge?
YES.: For most people it balances out the nature of the way we turn, in effect providing more power and
a sharper carve. For you, it’s perfect because you only EVER use your heel edge.

ND: Well, that’s my most powerful edge.
YES.: Yeah, “falling leaf” just screams power doesn’t it? We’re gonna round table that idea for next year’s board.

Pretty Much:
Terrain Park, switch-stance, progression.

Not So Much:
Big lines, English majors.

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