Arbor Swoon Splitboard

Arbor Swoon Women’s Splitboard – 2018

MSRP: $649.99

Resorts are expensive, crowded, and parking can be a pain. That’s why hut trips, sleds, and the Arbor Swoon Splitboard were invented.

The Arbor Swoon Splitboard is a split worth swooning over and built for women who want to explore the backcountry. After you pick out what mountain you want to defy and skin to the top, simply use the Karakoram Splitboard Clips to turn your skis back into a snowboard, then get ready to hoot and holler on your way down. The reclined version of Arbor’s Rocker System utilizes rocker and camber profiles created using the parabolic arc, so there’s less rocker in the nose and tail. It’s similar to the shape of surfboard – surfbort – which also allows for easier turn initiation and a surfy vibe as you float down the mountain.

Don’t be timid about picking up speed with the Arbor Swoon Splitboard. It’s time to go and enjoy the ride! The grip tech side cuts incorporated into the Arbor Swoon Split add contact points under the board so you can really dig into your turns, land those huge jumps you built with better absorption, and slow down quickly after freaking flying.

The thunderhead tip profile is also worth drooling over. As you can see, the nose is not totally rounded out like other boards. It has a bit of a groove near two and ten ‘o’clock for better speed in the deepest of pow and for big mountain versatility.

So what are you waiting for? Get stoked, make the hike, clip your Arbor Swoon Split together at the top, and get ready to drop in. The Arbor Swoon Split is your new best friend on a powder day when you’re ready to take your backcountry experience to whole new level.

Category: Backcountry
Shape: Directional twin
Camber profile: Parabolic Rocker
Stance: Centered
Sizes: 148, 152

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