bataleon distortia

Bataleon Distortia Snowboard – 2018

MSRP: $449.95

Rails, tubes, jumps, boxes, booters, wall rides, cheese grader rails, kickers, donkey dicks, and quarter pipes are all features you’re very familiar with, and you work skillfully to improve your capability upon each one. If you’re looking for a board that can handle all the surfaces you pound it against, the Bataleon Distortia might just be your newfound board.

The Bataleon Distortia has 3BT (Triple Base Technology), which isn’t just some made up technology. It means that the board has a wide and flat centerbase and uplift that begins at the binding edge. This will help you have more stability, sicker presses, and improved energy flow for you to stay locked on to all those features and stop each landing with purpose. It also means a medium camber profile, which keeps a little bit of tension held in the board, so when you’re ready to pounce, you can.

When it comes to the skin of this deck, one look and you’ll easily become fascinated by the distorted, pastel-colored, flowy graphics that encompass the board, brought by Nicole Martens. She brought her abstract and artistic style into the look of the Bataleon Distortia, leaving us and everyone that you pass in your tracks completely mesmerized. When you’re stoked on your graphic, you’re stoked on your snowboarding.

One thing that’s definitely not distorted in this board is the shape. It’s a true twin, so the feel is exactly the same, no matter if you ride it goofy or regularly, or landing switch from all those 540s your throwing.

Okay, that’s enough distorted daydreaming about sunny park days and secret urban spots. Time to strap in with the Bataleon Distortia, rip it right out of the bag, and get out there.

Category: Park
Shape: True Twin
Camber profile: Medium Camber
Stance: Centered
Sizes: 140 cm, 143cm, 146cm, 149cm, 152cm

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