Bataleon Surfer E.S. snowboard

Bataleon Surfer E.S. Snowboard – 2018

MSRP: $1,199.95

Welcome to the party. It has been snowing like crazy all night and today is shaping up to be one of the deepest days of the year. Today is the day of all days to have a quiver, you best grab the surfiest board out there, the Bataleon Surfer E.S., and join in the fun. There is no time to waste.

With a completely redesigned, and absolutely giant 3D nose sporting the most exaggerated 3BT™ design to date, the Bataleon Surfer E.S. is guaranteed to float over anything. Seriously, we challenge you to sink it. You’ll be charging out of the white room, lead foot on the gas pedal, and plowing through every obstacle without the slightest hint of leg burn before you know it.

Combine this exaggerated powder specific 3D base with the Surfer’s significant swallowtail and you will never want to ride another board when it is deep again. But fear not, just because it might get a little tracked at the end of the day is no reason to stress. The swallowtail performs on groomers and pow fields alike by flexing with your turn so the contact points remain on the snow at all time. This allows the board a closer contact point on hardpack and a looser surfier feel in the deep. Load it up a bit for a powerful explosion out of your groomer euro-carve or lay off it and open up with one massive slash after the next when it’s deep.

The Bataleon Surfer E.S. is your new best friend for the days when the snow gods won’t stop giving. Oh, and the best part? That Bataleon Surfer E.S. comes with a free two-year warranty so you can slash and pow mash with confidence knowing the crew at Bataleon have your back. Shred on.

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