Burton Genesis EST Bindings – 2014

MSRP: $329.95

Genesis refers to the beginning of something,like, “In the beginning…” from the Bible, or when Phil Collins took over as the singer in Genesis the band, signaling the beginning of some really crap music. However, the Genesis binding is far from the beginning of anything given its futuristic properties and insanely light weight. Featuring reground materials to reduce waste and a fiberglass/nylon composite baseplate, it’s nice to see that this kind of tech doesn’t also come with an environmental price tag. New, ultra-grippy straps matched with Burton’s Double Take buckles lock you in quicker and snugger than ever. We are left only to assume that they are referring to a new beginning in the age of bindings, something we couldn’t agree with more.

Pretty Much
Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Not So Much
Nihilists, no-backers.

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