Burton Ion Snowboard Boots

Burton Ion Snowboard Boots – 2018

MSRP: $580.99

Consistency is key for a great pair of boots. When it comes to the most consistent boots on the market, the Burton Ion Snowboard Boots are as consistent as you can get.

Season after season the Ion remains the favored boot of the Burton Team and one of the best sellers on the line. Yet, to assume that Burton hasn’t continued to develop and improve upon the Ion would be a serious misstep.

For the 2017/18 season the Burton Ions come packed full of all of Burton’s latest technology for a guaranteed great fit, unparalleled performance, and comfort that will have you questioning if you ever actually need to take them off.

This season the Burton Ion utilizes Shrinkage™ Footprint Reduction Technology for a smaller footprint and ultimately less toe or heel drag. Your size 10 boot will still fit and perform like a 10, but now with the overall size and footprint of a 9. No one likes bulky boots. The Ion is also outfitted with the AutoCANT EST® soles for a natural lower body alignment and greatly improved board feel. Where other boots beef up the soles for warmth and traction, Burton has prioritized performance and utilizes the DRYRIDE Heat Cycle™ tech for enhanced warmth and moisture wicking properties. This is taken a step further with the addition of their patented ReBounce tech that both reflects body heat and cushions consistently in freezing conditions. Burton’s New England Rope on the Speed Zone™ Lacing System allows riders to perfectly tighten their boots to the preferred fit with ease every time.

Oh, and the New England rope is essentially a miniature climbing rope backed by a Lifetime Warranty, so you can be sure your laces will hold up no matter how tight you like to crank your boots.

Warm, dry, and comfortable feet are happy feet, and happy feet ride for longer. Make sure you have happy feet this season.

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