Burton Malavita snowboard bindings

Burton Malavita Snowboard Binding – 2018

MSRP: $399.99

Take the comfort technology from the Genesis, Burton’s top of the line binding, and combine it with the park performance from the Cartels, and you have the Burton Malavita bindings — a true staple in an ever-evolving lineup. The Malavitas are a medium response binding with improved toe caps and a form-fitting heel strap for both cozy and aggressive riding.

Take a close look at what the Burton team riders are rocking, and you’ll notice that many of them run with a pair of Malavitas. With custom colorways from riders like Danny Davis, to co-labs with shops, magazines, and industry vets, and you’ll soon find there’s no secret behind their justified use.

The mid-stiff highback provides a consistent and reliable flex to help you bring out the best of your riding. Grab ahold of the Asym Hammockstrap, and toss it efficiently across your boot, and you’ll notice how the Double Take tech ensures that once you feed the ladder into the buckle, there’s no slipping out, making your day hassle free.

A big improvement in this year’s Malavita Bindings is the hinge in the strap. When you unbuckle toss the strap back, the hinge will keep it out of the way to avoid stepping on it when you strap back in. Meanwhile, an improved toecap is made from super malleable rubber, as if the material was forming to your boot for extra hold. Bringing these features together unlocks the ultimate performance with unmatched comfort.

The Malavita is offered in a few different versions. It’s available in both Re:Flex™, made for any board on the market, as well as EST, made for channel-specific boards. Benefits of the EST version are integrations of Hinge technology. These are small hinges on each side of your foot, designed to give a skate-like feel and more natural flex to your board. When skateboarding, you can roll your ankle, adding flair to your style that’s hard to replicate on a snowboard. These hinges liberate your mobility, unlocking the style dictionary, authored by Danny Davis.

The Burton Malavita Bindings are truly for any rider looking for easier tweaks, presses, and a stylish ride.

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