Burton Ritual Women’s Snowboard Boot – 2018

MSRP: $359.99

The Burton Ritual is a woman’s boot that focuses on warmth and comfort. Greet cold mornings and slip into the boot with ease, and get ready to take them on a wild adventure.

The Ritual’s are the softest of Burton’s higher-end offerings. With a softer boot, you naturally get a more playful feel and surfy response. It’s that feeling of initiating a turn with confidence and being able to flex into your boot without getting thrown off because of overly responsive gear. As one of Burton’s nicer product offerings, you can expect durability and time-tested technology made to last.

Taking a closer look, Burton added a few extras here and there to make every day your best. Starting from the inside out, their woman’s specific True Fit liner is designed with extra flex in the calf area to ensure your heel is set firmly in the bottom of the boot. You’ll notice this when flexing your calf muscles on a toe side turn — the liner will expand with your muscles rather than pushing upwards, keeping your heel set in place. This also makes for easy entry and exit.

On top of woman’s specific fit, the Imprint™ 3 Liner circulates heat around your foot as you move. This is only the first piece of tech that will keep you cozy on the chair, in line, or in the backcountry.

The shell of the boot has reflective foil, similar to sleeping bags, capturing your body heat while venting out unwanted moisture.

Lastly, the articulated shell allows the Ritual to flex without pinching, reducing pressure points, and providing to a more natural flex. This will be most noticeable when you come down hard on a toe edge — you won’t feel excess material causing discomfort.

If it’s your first season riding, skip the boot troubles that everyone rumors about, and start a ritual with the Burton Ritual. It’s a great boot for beginner and intermediate riders looking for gear that they can grow with.

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