DC Judge Snowboard Boots

DC Judge Snowboard Boots – 2018

MSRP: $329.95

Team driven durability, comfort, and performance forge the newly designed DC Judge.

When a team of backcountry legends, video veterans and street technicians throwing their stamp of approval on one boot, you should listen. The DC Judge has been redesigned for 2018 with upgrades focused on a seamless day, from dusk till dawn. Expect to punch through ice and crust on your way to the slopes, then strap in and transform energy from your ankles directly into your board. Make fine tune adjustments to find the perfect park feel, or pull in the reigns to harness that stable support in deep snow.

The first upgrade DC made is becoming an industry standard. Vibram Outsoles are your first line of defense from the elements. When you’re running the bungee for your friend you want to be laced up with traction you can trust.

If the streets aren’t your thing, rest easy knowing you can hike any slope and explore new zones with the DC Judge’s ability to boot pack. You won’t need to follow some skiers’ pre-packed staircase.

On the performance side of things, DC partnered with BOA to bring you a dual lacing system, with a lower section tightening system that’s separate from the upper. Play with the feel of your boot to match the conditions or your riding style. At any point in the day, strapped in or on the lift, reach down for a quick adjustment and keep your day flowing with a custom fit.

The BOA technology combines with the internal ankle harness to give you the freedom of solid support where you want it, with comfort where you need it. It translates to that irreplaceable feeling of ripping into a turn and having the pull to flare out a butter on your back foot.

A team driven, rider’s choice for any condition. This is for the boarder looking to put their boots to the test for a full season of face shots and stomped landings.

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