DC Ply Women’s Board

MSRP: $380.00

The freestyle frontrunner of the DC women’s line the DC Ply Snowboard is ready to rock women’s snowboarding. Designed for ladies that like to take things to the next level, the Ply has super fun Lock and Load Camber, the unique nose and tail shape of new Skate Twin Shape, and Flexalite Tip construction, making it ride like a skateboard on snow! Get your hands on this colorful play machine and feel it bring out the street skater in you.


  • Flex and Rider Style: Flex rating: 6 (1 softest-10 stiffest) Mid-range flex rating makes this board buttery enough to get extra tricky on everything park and stiff enough to be responsive on other areas of the mountain.
  • Construction and Core: Stratus Core is a poplar wood core that is powerful, lightweight and poppy. // 64.20 BI-AX has two directions of glass fibers woven tightly together for a forgiving and torsionally flexible ride; this gives you increased board control and feel without sacrificing strength. // Flexalite Tip construction is 30% lighter than traditional constructions helping to reduce swing weight; the new flex from this is designed to give you more control on tricked out presses.
  • Shape: Lock and Load Camber has the original camber shape in the center but lengthens the contact points to 20cm for a flat, stable platform for locking on and loading up the tail like a true skateboard for presses and ollies like never before. // New Skate Twin Shape has a nose built for smooth transitioning and powder float, center that rides like a true twin, and the tail that is great for quick turns and powerful ollies. // Radius To Flat has flat surfaces at the tip and tail of the board to provide lift in powder to keep you floating in the deepest snow, while the radius blends in perfectly with the sidecut to create effortless transitions from edge to edge.
  • Base:True Base is fast, durable and easy to maintain. // Structurn™ Base technology puts small dimples in the base that allow it to glide faster.

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