DC Travis Rice Boots – 2014

MSRP: $399.95

Considering Travis Rice takes his riding to crazy town every time he straps in, it’s about time we investigate his boots. The first thing that stands out is the full grain leather used throughout the shell. We’re going to go ahead and assume this is Mad Cow leather given Travis and his propensity for unpredictable behavior. The boot also has BOA’s H3 Coiler Focus closure system, the most state of the art, customizable BOA yet and provides an ease of use and comfort factor rivaling any anti anxiety med on the market. Plus, they come standard with Remind Insoles, the most remarkable product you could ever step upon, excluding of course, marmot hide. So after review, it appears that while these boots might have something to do with support and dependability, they have nothing to do with Rice’s obvious mental issues.

Pretty Much
Backcountry booters, survival lines.

Not So Much
High school handrail teams, pussies.

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