Union Force-MC

MSRP: $400.00

Union’s Force-MC binding may very well be the strongest binding ever produced. How can we make such a bold claim? Something called Metafuse Nanotechnology. Assuming you don’t know what that is, what we’re dealing with here is some NASA shit. Working with matter that’s 1/75,000 the size of a human hair, the heelcups are coated with metal alloy that strenghthens the aluminum beyond the realms of human logic. If that means anything, it’s that they WILL NOT break on you.

Beyond that, the Force MC’s simplistic design forgo any spells of trickery and employs the proven performance of a machined core baseplate and Asymetrical/Symetrical Highbacks for a stable, lightweight binding that is good to go for seasons on end. This is your no BS binding that allows the rider to charge park to powder in total confidence without wondering what kind of hype is going on between their boots and board.
– ND

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