GNU B-Free Snowboard Binding – 2015

MSRP: $249.95

The GNU B-Free Snowboard Binding is a Snowboard Magazine Platinum Pick

Ultra lightweight, speed entry technology and custom-fit features for the win.

A binding not only connects us to our boards, but it plays a crucial role in snowboarding happiness. The B-Free binding is on the highest end of the happiness spectrum for all mountain riders who want to spend more time riding and less time strapping in. Thanks to an ultra Lightweight Aluminum Baseplate with Easy Rider Speed Entry you can get in and out of these bindings faster than you can add that tasty looking watermelon jalapeño margarita recipe to your Pinterest food board. Newly equipped with an asym highback for extra support and response, the B-Free is more intuitive than ever and
ready to react to whatever crazy ride you and your board may take them on.

For the rider who: is all about ease, comfort and a perfect fit.

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