GNU Billy Goat Snowboard – 2015

MSRP: $539.95

The GNU Billy Goat Snowboard is a Snowboard Magazine Platinum Pick

When you put enough time on a snowboard you start to hear about the riders who all the famous dudes respect. Temple Cummins is one of those riders. This is his board.

In the unpredictable nuclear swath of terrain and weather that peppers the Northwest you either learn to rely on your survival skills or get weeded out rather quickly. For many Mt. Baker locals, the legendary Temple Cummins included, the most important tool in their arsenal is the GNU Billy Goat Snowboard. This stick is a high performance, high-speed terrain muncher crafted with a C3BTX core profile for a more camber driven banana. Just because you don’t see Temple all over the mags doesn’t mean he doesn’t ride harder than half the dudes out there collecting paychecks. True to that, the GNU Billy Goat Snowboard cares more about its next line than what everyone else is doing.

For the rider who: rides like there’s no tomorrow, knows his shit and/or likes a board that doesn’t suffer from erectile dysfunction after a week of ridin

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