GNU Klassy

GNU Klassy Women’s Snowboard – 2018

MSRP: $469.95

Take a moment. Think about how you would describe your riding. Is it sophisticated? Stylish? Aggressive? Do you enjoy floating on top of powder-filled mountains, getting your adrenaline pumping off a cliff, and making deep carves on beautiful corduroy groomers? If you’re nodding your head yes, the GNU Klassy might just be your new secret weapon this winter.

GNU boasts Weird Science that works throughout the construction of the rocker/camber hybrid board. It’s called C2x, and it’s a little complicated (all good things are), so pay attention. It offers tight radius rocker between the bindings with radial lengthened camber that extend out to the contact points. This offers control in the tip and tail, and a snowboard that’s ready for freestyling with delight. When you do take the directional GNU Klassy out for a spin, you’ll notice the ease and freedom it provides anyone who has the pleasure of riding it.

For those days when it seems as though you purchased a ticket to an ice rink instead of a lift ticket to your local resort, the GNY Klassy has MAGNE-TRACTION®. GNU’s infamous MAGNE-TRACTION® technology creates a serrated edge on the board for superior edge hold. Think of it like the serrated edge of a knife versus a straight edge. Like the serrated edge of a knife can rip through tough meat, the serrated edge of a snowboard can, as GNU proclaims, “Turn ice into powder,” so you can boost into that icy pipe with confidence.

Still not convinced? Olympic and X Game gold medalist, Kaitlyn Farrington, helped tailor the GNU Klassy so while she advances the sport, she has a board that will respond to her every move.

Last but not least, the GNU Klassy has a cheerful graphics plastered on this very technical piece of wood crafted by So Cal artists, Andy Davis. The baby blue and burnt orange bold colors coincide with the look of his well-known pop art people. Every time you look down at your board, you won’t be able to help but smile.

Category: Resort – Backcountry
Shape: Directional freeride
Camber profile: C2x hybrid camber
Stance: 19.24″-24″/ 1.5″
Sizes: 145 cm, 148 cm, 151 cm, 155 cm

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