GNU Müllair

GNU Müllair Snowboard – 2018

MSRP: $599.95

Nicolas Müller is a fine wine in the world of snowboarding. Bold, yet friendly to many palates, whose complexity and taste is only refined with age. Now Gnu has given him the ultimate pairing with the GNU Müllair.

As we all know, with a great pairing comes great ingredients. The Gnu Müllair snowboard originates from the factory floor of Mervin Manufacturing, where American-made meets environMENTAL practices, resulting in some of the greenest sticks to ever grace the mountain. With a sustainably aspen core, Bio Beans top sheet material produced from castor beans, and soy-based recycled sidewalls, your eco-conscious will be at ease with this beneath your feet as you glare down at Danny Larsen’s artwork.

But we chose the Müllair for more than the sauce that went into it. From pow days at Jackson Hole to late season turns in Colorado, Nico’s design proved itself to be a formidable ride no matter the conditions. A slight taper gives the nose the added volume needed for float in powder, but not too much to affect its performance on the days between storm cycles. Though not as pronounced as on some of Mervin’s other offerings, the serrated Magne-Traction® edges grip the hard stuff without issue and a medium/stiff flex boosts confidence at high speeds.

We should note that the Nicolas Müllair is on the narrow side, so a size nine will enjoy quick edge-to-edge responsiveness, while those with large feet may have issues with toe and heel drag. All ingredients considered, the Müllair is a recipe for ripping. And once you get a taste, you will certainly be going back for more, and more, and more…

The Gnu Müllair snowboard is for the rider that has an insatiable appetite for pillow drops, nose butters, side hits, and any other craving throughout the day.

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