K2 Hue

K2 Hue Women’s Snowboard Binding – 2018

MSRP: $249.95

Strap in, let go of ego and judgment, then ride the way you enjoy most with the K2 Hue!

The K2 Hue Bindings are a softer, medium flex binding to fuel your passion for riding. Strapping up a pair of softer bindings will change the way you explore the mountain.

With the K2 Hue Bindings, you’ll want to take a step back and slow down while discovering all the natural features around you. Afterwards, bring that flow to the park and let your style do the talking.

What sets these apart? K2’s focus towards three distinct points where you transfer energy to your snowboard is one aspect that stands out most in the Hue. It all starts in the highback where the comfortable flex eases you onto an edge. This forgiving feeling provides some leeway when you hit a rough patch, or want to really lay into a slash.

The highback leads into a narrow heel cup as the first point of the three points. The heel cup is where you drive all your energy and transfer it forwards into the final two points, on the inside and outside of your toes. This translates to fine-tuned board control. Slashing through trees, you’ll have a playful feeling without losing track of your tip and tail.

With upgraded buckles and straps for 2018, you can expect a stronghold throughout the season, while maintaining a quick release in cold weather. The Hue is for any rider wanting a softer flexing binding to channel playful, surf-turns.

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