K2 National Binding

MSRP: $219.95

K2’s Tweakback™ Urethane highback technology expands into a new level with the drop of the 2011-2012 K2 National snowboard binding. Auto single ratchet function paired with the freestyle tweakability of a Urethane highback. The most advanced mobility focused binding out there.


  • Auto
  • Tweakback
  • Harshmellow – Bindings
  • Gap Eraser Highbacks
  • Laid-Back Forward Lean
  • Airlock Tweakback
  • Auto Chassis
  • Harshemellow Basepad
  • Seamless Eva Footbed
  • Power Ramp
  • Multi Compatible Disc
  • Multi Compatible-Offset Discs
  • EZ-Set Auto
  • Aluminum Airlight
  • EZ Feed
  • Hinge Mount
  • Cam Lock-Center Adjusting
  • Custom Caddi

Colorways: Light Blue, White


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