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K2 Taro Tamai Snowsurfer Snowboard Boot – 2018

MSRP: $449.95

You like the deeper-than-deep days. You live for the feeling of floating weightlessly through untracked powder fields. You wake early and you leave late, and this year you finally rejoice as there is now premium boot designed just for you, the surfers of the world, called the K2 Taro Tamai.

One cannot discuss surf-inspired snowboarding without mentioning Taro Tamai. However for Taro, it has never been surf-inspired snowboarding, it has always been snowboarding. This important distinction is founded in Taro’s recognition that style is born from a connection between the rider, board, and the mountain, and that we each approach this relationship from a unique vantage point. From this perspective, style and snowboarding are better viewed as an extension of ourselves, just as a painting and the act of painting are extensions of the artist.

This philosophy really manifested in the early 90’s when Taro witnessed the industrialization of snowboarding and with it the homogenization of products, styles, and approaches to snowboarding. This shift in the industry-led Taro to shape his own snowboards, and ultimately set him off on a mission to strengthen snowboarding’s tie to the natural world, and with it, the unique artistry and beauty that define individual style. Fast-forward to modern day and Taro has taken this search for endless fluidity one step further with the introduction of the Taro Tamai Snowsurfer from K2 Snowboarding.

The design of the Snowsurfer is based on Taro’s philosophy that style is born from the connection between rider, board, and mountain, and as such, the Snowsurfer is meant to optimize the feeling and connection of all three. The Snowsurfer incorporates a premium rugged build, with a highly stylized and smooth flexing design for unmatched freedom and flexibility on the mountain. Where many premium boots are stiff and aggressive, the Snowsurfer is soft and flowing. Match this flex pattern with the dual BOA system for a customized, even, snug fit, free of pressure points, and you have the recipe for maximum comfort day in and day out.

Whether you want to soulfully lay into an open carve, nimbly dart through trees, or ride the great white wave on a deeper-than-deep powder day, the K2 Taro Tamai Snowsurfer will perform.

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