Lib Tech Mayhem Short Fat

Lib Tech Mayhem Short Fat Snowboard – 2018

MSRP: $599.95

Together Jamie Lynn and Lib Tech spent the last few decades defining a culture so many of us live by today. The Jamie Lynn Lib Tech Mayhem Short Fat is the essence of surfing, skateboarding, art, and music put into a snowboard for two feet of powder or 60-degree slushy side hits.

The Lost x Lib Tech: Jamie Lynn Mayhem Short Fat is a short but wide powder ripper that changes the concept of what a snowboard should be. With a directional shape and tons of surface area, the medium flex hybrid camber profile is a shape made for slaying. Expect stability and speed across the resort and unlock the hidden gems while tucking into tight pockets and secret trees.

Crafted by hand in the Pacific North West, with guidance from Jamie and legendary surf shaper Matt Biolos, the Lib Tech Mayhem Short Fat is designed to hover on thick wet pow days, rip fresh corduroy, and charge with confidence through formidable ice sheets. This board is set apart from anything you’ve ridden, and it all comes down to its size and slight tapering, as well as Lib Tech’s pioneered banana technology. Not to mention years of dedication to the art of standing sideways.

Available in one size, 146 cm, the Lib Tech Mayhem Short Fat snowboard emulates the feel of surfing on land. What it lacks in height is made up for in width, with an increased surface area in the nose and underfoot. A wider, shorter board brings more stability for cutting through choppy snow while its lightning fast edge control is a huge advantage when your eye catches a new zone.

You won’t have to worry about punching through day-old powder or stress when the snowstorm starts looking more like sleet. The tapering from tip to tail is a common trend for a reason, and mature riding styles like Jamie’s have led to this. A slight tapering on the Lost Lib complements its wide base by making it easier to initiate turns. Picture choosing your line by rolling from heel to toe while allowing your tail to sink slightly with the wide nose staying well above the surface.

Its resort ripping aggression will pleasantly surprise just when you think the Lost Lib is exclusively for the backcountry. Lib Tech is credited with pioneering hybrid camber shapes and perfected it in this board. A mild rocker between your feet provides a launch pad to preload for sending rollers, and spring in and out of an occasional mogul field. The traditional camber beneath your feet is a reassuring promise of control and precision to lead your crew around the mountain.

The Jamie Lynn Lost Lib represents a timeline in snowboarding. A short and wide hybrid camber, made for an intermediate to advanced rider approaching any terrain with aggression and style.

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