Lib Tech Phoenix Series Jamie Lynn C3 Snowboard

MSRP: $559.95

First there was the Banana, then along came C2 Power Banana. Now, there’s C3 BTX – a camber dominant or “submissive Banana.” The Phoenix is a terrain smashing super board, designed with the help of mighty Northwest legend Jamie Lynn. If Lib Tech’s inventiveness seems outwardly strange, know this: Applied beneath your feet, there’s nothing like it.

If you miss the good ol’ days of camber, that is to say, ripping the hill with power and actually accelerating out of turns yet can’t deny the effortless style that comes with riding Banana — this board will do wonders for those gray hairs. If instead, you have put your faith in no thing but reverse camber in recent years, and have noticed a little wiener-dude attitude edging into your shred style, this deck will undoubtedly bring a new level of courage to your snowboarding. Relying on the proven properties of Travis Rice and Eric Jackson’s favorite hybrid, C2 BTX and adding trapezoidal camber and rocker between the feet, the C3 straightens out the camber zones towards the contact points. This allows for snappier edge initiation and overall stability, while still retaining the unrivaled float and catch-free jibbing that have made the Banana one of the most revolutionary board designs of the decade. With a strong, smooth flex, this is the most powerful Banana yet — that’s what she said.

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  • $539.95
  • $539.95

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