Lib Tech T. Rice Goldmember snowboard

Lib Tech T. Rice Goldmember snowboard – 2016

MSRP: $839.95
Get it for: $839.95
Lengths: 3

This is not a board for beginners or those on a budget.

The Lib Tech T. Rice Goldmember snowboard is aggressive and expensive for a reason. It’s Travis Rice’s already menacing ride, souped up with Firepower — Mervin’s lightest, smoothest and most environMENTALLY friendly construction. Imagine putting a jet engine in a Corvette. Though fully equipped to rip in both directions, the profile takes an accentuated directional transformation from the standard T. Rice shape, sporting a notched swallowtail and pointed nose. Both are thinned out, reducing swing weight and creating a board that spins like one three centimeters shorter. The futuristically psychedelic artwork is, of course, courtesy of Mike Parillo and for good measure Travis’ personal edge bevel preferences are added.

For the rider who: wants to soar, holds down a good job and doesn’t want the same board as four other jabronis in the liftline.

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  • $839.95
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