Never Summer Aura Split Women’s Snowboard – 2017

MSRP: $849.99

“I’ve tried a lot of women’s splitboards and none step to the Aura. I ride the resort and the backcountry pretty equally, and to have the Aura in a split makes me comfortable in any terrain. When skinning up the Aura tracks smooth. It’s light underfoot which helps not only with the uphill, but also with those tricky switchbacks. It’s a beautifully-made split. Work smarter not harder.”Mary Boddington

Ride with grace, and leave no snow untouched.

Few women’s boards are designed with as much power as the Never Summer Aura Split. Seriously, it is no noodle. A product of the Rocky Mountains in Denver’s backyard, this board is as tough as rugged as the peaks it descends.

The split version of its solid counterpart, the Aura flaunts NS’ most popular camber profile, Ripsaw Camber. Used for an aggressive charging ride that still retains a playful nature, it’s a profile used extensively through the Never Summer line, in both men and women’s boards. Reverse camber between the bindings with camber under the feet means a playful core while retaining strength for pop and turn initiation. This freeride champion will excel in all mountain charging, but isn’t so stiff that you can’t have fun in tight trees or chewed up runs.

The real engineering genius on this board is found in the core and top sheet design. Using NS SuperLight Wood Core, structure and snap is retained while also providing an extremely light composite. This is only further improved upon with the addition of the carbonium topsheet, which improves board strength, adds snap, and improves dampening all while hardly impacting board weight. Having a light, strong board is nice when ripping in any conditions, however you’ll be extra thankful during your ascent. Make the trek as easy as you can for yourself, save your energy for an extra slash on the way down.

A sound dampening control system solidifies this beast as the board of choice among the freeride-oriented split boarders out there. By adding extra dampening layers along the effective edge and minimal dampening extended into the tip and tail, the combination provides a smoother ride, while minimizing swing weight. Even when conditions are less than ideal, this snowboard’s power will carry you through. But when it’s good… You better buckle up.

The Never Summer Aura Split snowboard is for the rider who believes that “ride like a girl” is true fighting words.

Category: Splitboard
Camber profile: Hybrid — Rocker between the feet, camber from the inserts to the contact points
Stance: Centered
Sizes: 151cm, 154cm

Photography by Dave Lehl, shot on location at the Denver Art Museum

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