Never Summer Cobra Snowboard

MSRP: $559.99

Threatening a wild cobra may be the last mistake you make on a pilgrimage from Bombay to the southern rim of the Himalayas. Assuming your first mistake was drinking the tap water, the amoebic dysentery you’ve been battling will finally find relief as your nervous system collapses entirely.

It is with this kind of ferocity that Never Summer has unleashed its new, all-mountain-focused freestyle board — the Cobra. Aggressive? Yes. Damaging? Equally. A ride on the Cobra’s Bi-Directional Rocker Camber profile combined with Carbonium Laminate construction is to experience home cooked tech of the highest level, a platform from which Never Summer has led the industry for over 20 years. With a flared out nose and a spade shaped tail, this board slices through powder with grim precision. Unlike a pow-specific board, the Cobra can strike any terrain with confidence handling high-speed groomers and terrain parks with equally ruinous consequence. Dismiss the intimidation of bumpy run outs entirely with a unique dampening system. Enjoy a deadly cocktail of vibration absorption, stability and unleash previously suppressed speed. Given Never Summer’s proven technology and three-year warranty, it’s time to open the doors of perception and get about the business of snake worship.

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