Never Summer Warlock Snowboard – 2017

MSRP: $519.99

“The Warlock is a solid ride, you can tell there’s some board under your feet. It’s still soft enough for all the jib & park needs but I found it is still rigid enough to blast through chop and pow. And that far out, black magic shape allows for some really wild butters. Born of the darkness, brought into this world to shred the light!”Jake Williams

They say to avoid black magic for it brings bad luck and misfortune. In this case, we have to disagree.

There is no sleight of hand trickery going on here. The Never Summer Warlock snowboard is a new addition to the NS family that has some seriously innovative tech packed into a sleek design. One might even say a few tricks up its sleeve. Riders looking for a tech-packed park killer, the Warlock is here to stir things up.

The Warlock features Never Summer’s new shape, the Original Rocker Camber profile. With rocker between the feet, and camber outside of the bindings, this board has a playful loose ride that still retains pop and structure. Press Flex Wood Core, features two sections of softer wood between the feet for two distinct flex zones. These soft zones act as a hinge, not only will your nose presses be bona fide, but you will hold them with ease. No more tapping or touching down before the end of the rail.

Carbon layers outside of the bindings work with the regular camber zones to increase pop and stiffness. Popping off lips and stomping airs will have a whole new level of ease. The stiff tip and tail not only help when it comes to airtime, but also work in collaboration with the soft center to facilitate turning and improve board responsiveness. A low profile in the tip and tail create more material contact with the snow, and further improve pop and landing stability. Whatever your superstitions may be, a ride on the Warlock will become a ritual you won’t be able to resist.

The Never Summer Warlock is for the rider looking to strap in and unleash inner freestyle wizardry, however dark it may be.

Category: Park
Camber profile: Hybrid — Rocker between the feet, camber from the inserts to the contact points
Stance: Centered
Sizes: 148cm, 150cm, 152cm, 154cm, 157cm, 150W, 153W, 156W, 159W

Photography by Dave Lehl, shot on location at the Denver Art Museum

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