Nitro Silje Norendal Pro Model Snowboard

Nitro Silje Norendal Pro Model Women’s Snowboard – 2017

MSRP: $449.95

“My pro model board is based off of the Nitro Mercy. It`s a great board if you`re just starting to learn how to ride, and it`s great if you wanna challenge yourself too. Since it`s a Cam-Out Camber board it still gives you the stiffness, flex and stability you`ll need to handle everything from big carves to rails and jumps. You`ll have lots of fun on this board. I love it!”Silje Norendal

A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

As a three-time X Games gold medalist, Silje has established herself as a dominant force in women’s snowboarding. The impressive feats turned the right heads at Nitro and the Norwegian has earned herself the coveted achievement of a pro model. Based off of the Nitro Mercy, the Silje Norendal Pro Model snowboard is a beast not to be taken lightly, even if the graphic may lead you to think otherwise. A true twin park slayer, with enough power packed in it to stomp the big line or cruise the entire mountain.

The Cam-Out Camber profile provides regular camber throughout the board with slight early rise in the tip and tail towards the end of the effective edge. The camber provides power, snap and helps facilitates turning while early rise in the tip and tail helps to lock into presses and lessen the grip when hammering a turn. T ip-to-tail poplar wood for unrivaled strength and pop while remaining extremely light and pressable. The bulletproof nature of this board is topped off with Nitro’s Rail Killer edge, double the thickness and strength of a regular edge – this sucker won’t break.

The Nitro Silje Norendal Pro One-Off is for the ladies who charge in the park, but are looking to step their game up and need the board to back it up. Don’t let appearances fool you, just like Silje, this board is not holding anything back.

Category: Park
Shape: True twin
Camber profile: Hybrid – camber with mild early rise in tip and tail
Stance: Centered
Sizes: 149cm

Photography by Dave Lehl, shot on location at the Denver Art Museum

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