Nitro Squash Snowboard

Nitro Squash Snowboard – 2018

MSRP: $499.95

Backed by Bryan Fox and Austin Smith, Nitro brings you a glimpse into what they see as the future of snowboarding with the Nitro Squash.

If you follow @austinbsmith on The Gram, you know what we’re talking about, you don’t have to dream about riding one of the boards straight from the rack of project firetruck, because they’re here. Nitro’s Squash snowboard is a freeriding machine, made to blast through pow on the deepest of days and make rail turns on sunny groomers. The Squash is a directional board with a flat blunt nose and stylish, yet functional tail.

The Squash is made for a rider who wants a powder board without having to fully commit to a pow specific design. It’s versatile and strong, and the overall shape is all-mountain with a focus on snowy days. Taking a closer look, a slight kick in the tail brings to light its versatility; riding switch is surprisingly familiar on this board. This familiarity is comfortable enough to pop back-ones with confidence, or know you can butter and come out the way you want!

As the stiffer board in Nitro’s Quiver Series, the Squash can get as aggressive as your riding style. The tapered profile is a perfect match for a progressive sidecut. This means your edge control will be a more aggressive under your back foot. Picture slipping into the trees for some hidden fresh turns, the tapered profile sinks your back foot into the pow while the fish-shaped tail relives just enough surface area to keep you nimble and light on your feet.

As you blast back onto the groomers, anticipate strength and support to make quick and decisive turns. The setback stance unleashes a naturally surfy feel, complemented by a stiff tail, giving support where you want it.

We wouldn’t recommend this as a first snowboard, but it’s an excellent option for a seasoned rider who’s looking to mix up their riding style. Approaching the mountain with a versatile and functional mindset, and the Squash will change the way you ride. With a solid black sintered base, you can make seamless repairs, that’ll always keep you running for the hills!

Channeling the simplicity and freedom of linking turns, the Nitro Squash is your go-to board to switch up your game without taking a gamble.

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  • Nitro $499.95

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