Nitro Venture Pro TLS

Nitro Venture Pro TLS Snowboard Boot – 2018

MSRP: $279.95

The Nitro Venture Pro TLS is a beefed-up version of Nitro’s bestselling boot with unmatched durability and comfort.

Everyone’s had a pair of boots that pack out half way through the season. Although cozy, you lose responsiveness and board feel, sacrificing getting the most out of your set up. With the Venture Pro TLS’s you can expect a boot that’ll last the whole season. Upgraded soles and lacing systems come together in a responsive all-mountain boot made to last.

Getting caught off guard ripping into some rough snow is never fun, which is why the Venture Pro TLS’s response and comfort let your instincts take over to navigate without giving up speed. As a stiffer boot, you initiate turns on a dime, giving your riding a more fine-tuned feel. Take speed into the trees and more technical zones with the confidence to #chooseyourownline.

The core of your landing gear is in your boots. Some might find it harder to tweak grabs, yet landing a booter or pillow line with stability and support is priceless. Meanwhile, the Vibram soles provide grip on icy surfaces so whether your hiking the pipe, a rail, or boot packing up a steep line, you’ll immediately notice a difference in your grip. Last but not least, the Re-Lace system in the cozy liner can be a day saver, allowing you to hit the chair and quickly tighten up your boot before charging into your next run.

A stiffer, medium flexing boot such as the Nitro Venture Pro TLS provides you with serious grip and durability to take anywhere on the mountain. The Nitro Venture Pro TLS Snowboards Boots are for anyone looking to ride like a pro. So if you’re in for long days and longer seasons, this is your boot.

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