NOW Drive Jeremy Jones Snowboard Binding – 2018

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When JF Pelchat started NOW Bindings, he introduced the snowboard world to a new approach for binding tech. The NOW Drive Jeremy Jones snowboard bindings are right in line with this approach.

Stemming from the ease of turning on a skateboard, he designed Skate-Tech and began to build bindings fundamentally designed like trucks. Focused around a kingpin, (a laterally centered fulcrum point on the binding,) the hanger (baseplate exterior) extends towards either edge of the board and ultimately to the bushings (contact points on both heel and toe edge). Because the post underneath the kingpin sits flat against the board when bolted down, in a pressure less situation, both bushings are suspended over both toe and heel edges.

When a turn is then initiated, the hanger drives one end of bushings into the board, while simultaneously raising the other. Thus power is distributed across the binding through the kingpin using minimal force. Whereas, on a traditional binding the transfer of power and energy must move along the entire binding and board, decreasing as it reaches its intended edge. With Skate-Tech, the transfer of energy onto the turning edge is direct and lossless. Putting less energy into your turns means happier feet, and happier feet mean longer days on hill. It’s almost as if these bindings do the turning for you.

The NOW Drive was designed by Jeremy Jones himself and takes all of the technology and binding advancements present in the rest of the line, and repackages it in a bulletproof build meant to handle anything you throw at it. Tackle the steepest of Alaskan lines, charge down groomers with unparalleled control and sleep easy knowing this binding was designed to handle the same abuse that Jermey Jones puts his very own pair through. Don’t let your bindings hold you back this season with the Drive by JJ.

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