Ride Optimo Contraband

MSRP: $300.00

It’s not like ratcheting two straps is a real pain in the ass or anything, at most your looking at maybe a five second delay, but that’s not the point of the Contraband series of bindings from Ride. The reality is that this single strap system works for those riders looking for maximum side to side flex like better than anything else in the industry. With this technology brought to the high end world of the Optimo, new features like the aluminum Contra Flex Chassis design and Agro V-Strap, your tweak appeal not only went up in value but now you are locked in to a super light binding like never before. Added Wedgie Footbeds provide canting, or a slightly offset angle where you put your boot down, adding much needed power and response to park riders who often rock a wider stance. Strap in and actually hear the Optimo speak to you, “Squeak, squeak, tweak.” That’s binding for, “We’re shredddding!”
– ND

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